• E-Nail

Our E-Nail is made of quality materials delivering you the best flavour and thickest clouds.

This E-Nail will finally let you get rid of the blowtorch and start dabbing in style! Simply set your desired temperature, wait a moment while it heats up and you are ready for dab after dab of thick rich flavour and huge hoots!

Our Titanium Nail (included) is adaptable to any size male OR female stemmed glass

With a Maximum temp of 1800*F / 982*C this little box delivers tones of power, we have found the perfect temperature for us to be right around 750*F / 400*C

Currently we have our E-Nails in two Badass Designs: Flaming Skulls and The War Skull. Both designs come with the E-Nail Regulator Box, Titanium Nail with Carb Cap, Remote Control, nail cable, and power cable; all secured in a metal attache case! 

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